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Isom Chiropractic

Practice Philosophy
At Isom Chiropractic, our friendly philosophy of chiropractic care revolves around the belief that the human body is a remarkable and self-healing system. We understand that every individual is unique, with specific health goals and concerns, and we strive to create a warm and inclusive environment where everyone feels heard and valued. Our approach to chiropractic care is rooted in the idea that by aligning the spine and addressing any issues with the musculoskeletal system, we can restore balance and promote overall wellness. Through personalized treatment plans and a holistic approach, we aim to not only alleviate pain and discomfort but also empower our patients to take an active role in their own health journey. With a focus on education and preventive care, we go beyond treating symptoms to address the root cause of health issues, enabling our patients to experience long-term relief and optimal well-being.

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What Can I Expect?

During your first visit to our practice, we want to get to know you and give you the chance to get acquainted with Dr. Isom. Just like any doctor's appointment, we'll start off with some paperwork. After that, Dr. Isom will have a discussion with you regarding your condition, concerns, and will happily answer any questions you might have. A physical examination will then be conducted by Dr. Isom to understand the cause of your pain. If no further treatment or imaging is necessary, and chiropractic treatment is recommended, Dr. Isom will explain all the details about the treatment and how it can benefit you. We'll also discuss the specific treatments you'll receive, any necessary preparations beforehand, and the expected timeframe for seeing results. Additionally, we'll address any lifestyle adjustments that could enhance your chiropractic care. Remember, feel free to ask any questions or share any concerns you may have – we're here to fully support you!

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(913) 735-9565


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